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Amaano Boarding and Day School is a modern school established for the betterment of
future generation and schooling system in Somaliland. Amaano School consists of
boarders and day scholars. The school covers KG (KG1 up to KG3), primary (grade 1
up to 8) and secondary school education. Amaano was established in September 2014
with the inspiration of setting up tangible change in Somaliland society through proper
education. The demand and inspiration of producing qualified learners equipped with
knowledge, skills, attitudes and good culture, makes the school and gives its unique
For the school syllabus to be covered, students are engaged 6 hours per day and five
days per week. Amaano boarding and day school provides a conducive environment for
learning and encourages student success and higher performances. For the activities to
be carried out in Amaano Boarding and Day School, it also engages qualified teaching
staff. Furthermore the school encourages the socio-cultural Islamic ideas where the
Quran is one of the main teaching aids especially for the boarding students.
Amaano Boarding and Day School encourages students to learn, master, improvise and
solve real life problems by empowering mental capacity of the youngsters.

Our Vision

To build and maintain a learning community that produces leaders through faith, knowledge, and inspiration.

Our Mission

Amaano boading and day School strives to develop an enriched learning community that promotes academic achievement, leadership, and Islamic values.

A lifelong love of learning is an invitation to endless possibilities and unlimited potential. In our shared mission of creating lifelong learners, we take great pride in partnering with educators to develop comprehensive literacy plan support student success in school and in life. As we partner with schools and districts across the country, core beliefs guide our instructional methodology and approach to comprehensive literacy to ensure the greatest student success.

Teaching and Learning

Amaano Boarding And School will
provide an inclusive teaching and learning
environment that focuses not only in
pursuing academic and religious
excellence in an Islamic environment, but
also instilling good values as a way of life.