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After-School Tuition


At Amaano Boarding And Day School, we have introduced and developed a variety of intervention strategies to help support students who have qualified for the Pupil Premium and lower. We have studied the Sutton Trust Report which is a Teaching and Learning Toolkit which provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. As a result of our research we are committed to providing after-school tuition in English, Maths, Science and (Quran, Arabic).

Tuition isn’t just great for those children who might be behind with school work or struggling in the classroom, in fact we’ve seen how after school tuition can benefit students of varying ages and abilities.

At Amaano Boarding and Day School tuition is aimed at two groups of students:

  1. Primary students who need a bit of extra support to improve their literacy (English), numeracy (math) and (Quran, Arabic) skills
  2. secondary students who are sitting GCSE exams and those who are sitting Somaliland curriculum exams to help get the best possible level




Guidance and counseling

  1. Right from the primary school, children familiarize with a range of different
    careers and roles. They are made aware of the skills that employers look for
    and the requirements of industry in general.
    We have a special counseling team which is responsible for helping learners
    with discipline problems, social problems, etc.
    Students from abroad are carefully given orientation to minimize problems
    related to cultural shock.
    For secondary school students, we work with the learners and their
    parents, to help them make the right choices including the curriculum to
    follow, subjects, etc.
    To enable learners choose a course , a career or alternative path, ADBS
    offers A level and form four students a comprehensive higher education
    and careers guidance programme specifically tailored to their needs. This
    programme encompasses the following opportunities:
    1. CV workshops – students learn how to write a compelling and
    individualized CV
    2. Academic Enrichment Lectures – Regular lectures by external
    business professionals and university academics.
    3. Interview practice – every student receives tailored expert interview
    practice and advic

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  • Secondary School
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